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JK Summer Camp 2024!

Kinder- 8th Grade Welcome

JK Summer Camp

Master Kim and JK Staff are thrilled to announce the return of our Summer Camp. It'll be a season packed with adventure and unforgettable experiences!

For now, explore our site to get a feel of what the summer camp schedule has in store for us.

Class Announcements

Monday’s are for the Park

Going to the park during summer camp is always an exciting adventure filled with outdoor fun and activities. Campers get to enjoy the sunshine, play games like Frisbee or soccer. It's a great way for kids to bond with their peers, stay active, and make lasting memories in the great outdoors.

Tuesday‘s are for swimming

Swimming during summer camp is a refreshing and enjoyable activity for campers. It's a fantastic way for kids to cool off on hot summer days, build confidence in the water, and develop essential swimming skills while having fun with their friends and counselors. Safety is always a top priority, with lifeguards and trained staff supervising the swim sessions to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

Wednesday’s are for adventurous field trips

Summer camp field trips to destinations like the zoo, aquarium, trampoline park, mini golf, and movie theater, are thrilling adventures for our campers. They explore diverse eco-systems at the zoo/aquarium, defy gravity at trampoline parks, and test theri putting skills at mini golf, creating lasting memories of fun and discovery.

Thursdays are for bowling

Bowling at summer camp is an indoor favorite, offering campers a chance to enjoy friendly competition, improve their skills, and bond with friends. Whether rolling strikes or cheering on teammates, campers relish the excitement of knocking down pins in a lively and inclusive atmosphere.

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JK Summer Camp

Register in person!

Please call or email our academy to make an appointment.

Remember to pack a water bottle, lunch, and snack for your students daily.

*We provide pizza for lunch every Friday.*

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